1. A retreat allows you to centre yourself, de-stress and recharges your batteries to take on life again.

  2. It helps you to relax your mind, rejuvenates your body and reawakens your soul.

  3. Retreats will have multiple yoga sessions in the program.

  4. There are often class sessions which will take you deeper into the theory of the practice. The retreat might also include a local cultural immersion, or other activities depending on the location.

  5. There are often some other activities such as “Hawan”, “Arti” which helps you to purify and connect with your soul.

  6. Some retreats combine yoga sessions with other therapeutic sessions such as Spa, Ayurveda, Naturopathy etc.

  7. Host also typically provides clean and comfortable accommodation along with 2-3 delicious and freshly cooked meals.

  8. You’ll usually have some free time to hang out with the other people on the retreat, read your book, or just get that well-deserved relaxation time.

  9. You can find above information at the details page of the retreat.

  1. Each retreat will list what skill levels they cater to so you don’t have to worry.

  2. If “Beginner” is listed in the highlights section, you don’t need any experience.

  3. Most retreats are able to accommodate everyone from total beginners to advanced yogis.

  1. We have provided various searches and filter options to ease out your search process.

  2. On the homepage of our portal, you can search retreats as per following

    • Preferred dates: You need to provide Start Date and End Date.

    • Preferred Location: You can choose as per your preferred location

    • Preferred Category: You can choose retreats for yoga styles; retreats for weight loss, back pain etc.; retreats with Spa, Ayurveda, Meditation; retreats for beginners, experts, elders, family, with kids, single woman, pre-natal; retreats with adventure, trekking etc

  3. You can also combine your search criteria with location preference, retreat/training type and yoga practice styles.

  4. We have also provided various easy search thumbnails, which are popular among people.

  5. Once you have decided upon particular search criteria and then on the listing page, you can apply filters and sorting techniques to narrow down on the one, which is most suitable to you.

  6. Please go through the details of the program/offerings by clicking on explore

  7. After seeing the details, you can simply book a seat for you by clicking on book now button.

  8. If you require any more information about the program, you can also contact the host or us.

  1. Once you have narrowed down on a particular retreat, on the retreat page details page, we have a "Send Enquiry" button.

  2. After clicking on this, enter your information and anything you wish to ask from the retreat host. They will typically respond to you within 24 hours.

  1. Hosts typically respond to guest enquiries within 24 hours of the submission.

  2. If you are still within that period of time, please wait.

  3. If it already more than 24 hours, please email us the details at info@healthyatri.com

  1. The retreat details page has a section on “Inclusion” & “Exclusion”

  2. You can also refer to the daily itinerary, USP & highlights section.

  1. Many retreats will provide a list of things to bring.

  2. When in doubt send a message to the retreat leader and ask.

  1. It is difficult to have different cancellation policies for each retreat.

  2. We have tried to create standard cancellation policies, which is as follows:

    Hard Policy:
    1. No Refund


    Soft Policy:
    1. 100% refund for cancellation 30+ days before event.

    2. 50% refund for cancellation 7+ days before event.

    3. No refund for cancellation 0-7 days before event.


    Custom Policy,
    1. As decided by the host

    You can see the cancellation policy applicable for each retreat at the listing page or details page of the retreat.

  1. Please login to the portal.

  2. In your profile section, you will see all the bookings you have made.

  3. Please choose a booking, which you want to cancel.

  4. Please, read the details of the booking and make sure you understand the specific cancellation policy of this booking.

  5. Click Cancel and follow the process.

  1. Please login to the portal.

  2. Under bookings, you will see all the bookings you have made.

  3. Please choose a booking, which you want to provide review for.

  4. Please, read the details of the retreat and provide the detailed review of your experience about the retreat

  1. We strive to maintain complete transparency in our operations.

  2. Integrity, Customer Service and Dynamism are the values on which we have established our business.

  3. In the case of any dispute with HealthYatri, it must be reported to us within 24 hours and we will try to resolve it as mutual satisfaction of all the parties involved.