1. Grow your business: A simple way to bring more people to your retreats.

  2. Ease of booking: Streamlined booking and correspondence process.

  3. Hassle-free payment collection: Do away with the stress of integrating with multiple payment gateways.

  4. Complete transparency: Reliable team that's always willing to lend a hand.

  5. Complete autonomy: It's up to you to decide the program, its policies and pricing.

  6. Innovative marketing strategies: Result-oriented marketing strategies to promote the portal, resulting in increased business.

  7. Efficient support: Fast turnaround time for customer complaints.

  1. A web interface shall be given to you, so you can give us information about your Center/Ashram for registration.

  2. The information about your -

    • Centre/Ashram's address with phone number.

    • Details of the single point of contact for future reference/contact.

    • Details of the person authorized to enter into agreement.

    • Details of the legal entity with supporting documents.

    • Details of PAN and GST number, if applicable.

    • Details of the Bank Account.

    • Upload all the documents for KYC purpose.

  3. Once the Yoga Center/Ashram is verified and approved by our team, then you will be able to list your venue/retreats by providing us few more details.

  4. As you submit your details, we'll approve it to make sure it's got all the elements for an optimized listing. We generally take 24-48 hours to approve the listing.

  5. We will also provide you a step-by-step guide on how to list your retreat.

  6. You can enlist as many retreats as you wish.

  7. We will also provide you the option to edit, in case you want to modify any details. Any modification shall take 24-48 hours to update, subject to approval.

  1. Once a retreat/offering is approved, it will be available for viewing and booking by the customers.

  2. Once a customer decides to book a particular retreat, we will accept the order and collect the booking amount as agreed between us.

  3. We will confirm the availability of the seat (either electronically or manually), from you, before we confirm it to the customer. It is expected that you will confirm the availability of the seat within 24 hours of the order received. Once, a seat is confirmed by you, a confirmation message for the booking will be sent to the customer. We will then confirm the booking to the customer.

  4. If a seat is declined and/or no message is received within 24 hours of the order received, we will cancel the order and initiate the process of refund to the customer.

  5. If in case, a booking is confirmed by our partner and if you are unable to provide the seat at a later stage, then a penalty @200% of the listed price per seat may be levied upon you. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to confirm the seat only as per availability.

  1. We follow a standard norm to name a retreat, but you are free to decide the name you want.

  2. Please start with the number of days, including arrival and departure days, and end with the city, country of retreat.

  3. The words in the middle are to be used to provide information about your retreat.

  4. If it is a teacher training course then instead of days, number of hours should be mentioned at the start.

  5. For example:

  • Retreat: 15 days | Relax, Meditate Hatha Yoga Retreat | Rishikesh, India
  • Teacher Training:200 Hour| Yin Yoga Teacher Training |Goa, India

  1. It is your choice whether you want to list your retreat.

  2. But, if your retreat will also operate in the future, then we recommend that you do list your retreat.

  3. It doesn't take long to list your retreat, and we make all the effort to approve your (considering all information is correct and meeting the standards listing) within 48 working hours.

  1. You can select multiple categories for your retreat.

  2. You must choose each of the categories that are relevant to your retreat, and it should be an actual part of your retreat. This will help us to list your retreats in all relevant categories and thereby resulting be better chances of attracting a customer for booking.

  1. First and foremost, create an impressive title.

    There are thousands of offerings on our site. Your offering needs to stand out and catch a customer's eyes. A title such as 10 Days | Find your inner peace Yoga Retreat| On the beaches of Goa, India will always win over a generic title such as the 10 Days | Yoga Retreat | Goa.

  2. Have a stellar feature image of your retreat.

    Your featured image and title are the first two most important aspects of getting noticed.

  3. Provide beautiful pictures of your property, program, accommodation and food.

    Invest in good photography of your property, program, accommodation and food. Pictures speak much more than words.

    Add a video to go the whole mile.

  4. Provide full details about your property and program.

    Make sure that you have provided complete details about your offering. Provide complete descriptions wherever required. Clearly list down highlights and USPs of your offerings!

    It's helpful to add the local information and travel information in your profile.

  5. Respond to all enquiries:

    You must respond to the customer queries quickly.

  6. Provide some extra support to your customer.

    You may include a free airport /railway station/bus stand transfer for both pickup and drop-offs. You may include some other kind of a free gift such as a free Ayurvedic consultation session, Spa session etc.

  7. Ask for a lower deposit at the booking stage and allow the customer to pay the remaining amount while checking in at your site.

  8. Have softer cancellation policies.

  1. Yes, whenever someone enquires, you'll get a notification directly in your inbox.

  2. You can reply to the people from there.

  3. It is a good practice to answer as quickly as possible to maximize booking.

  1. We do not edit the information provided by you.

  2. But, in case you see that the information about your retreat is not correct, you can edit the information on your own.

  3. Once it is approved by our team, the correct information will be visible on the portal.

  4. We will take 24-48 working hours to approve any change in the information provided by you.

  5. We strongly recommend that all the information that is entered is verified by you before it is sent for our approval.

  1. Registering and listing a retreat on healthyatri.com is 100% free. We only get paid if you get paid, so there is no risk involved.

  2. Once a customer books a retreat and pays, we keep a standard 15% commission (+Taxes, if any) on the listed retreat price.

  3. Once a customer books a retreat, we hold the money in our account until they arrive at your retreat center or when there are no obligations on us to refund to customer in case of cancellation. After this, we pay it out into your.

  4. We do payments twice a month, on the 7th and 22nd. If these days happen to be a holiday, then the transfer is done on the next working day.

  5. Overall, we believe in complete transparency in operations and integrity in dealing with our partners.

  1. No, it cannot be done.

  2. We make sure the prices we have on our site are the same or lower than the price that a customer would see if they were to book it directly with you or anywhere else.

  3. All retreat hosts have to agree to a Best Price Guarantee clause while partnering with us.

  1. You are free to decide your retreat price. Please ensure that the prices listed on our portal are the same or lower than the price that a customer would see if they were to book it directly with you or anywhere else.

  2. We charge our commission on the total retreat booking price that you want your retreat to be booked at.

  3. You must separately and clearly mention the taxes that are to be collected, while booking by the customer.

  1. We don't get paid, if you are not paid.

  2. We will deduct the commission amount from the deposit we have collected from the customer and pay the rest to you as per the payment terms.

  1. We allow you to set your own payment collection policy in the portal.

  2. Default option requires a 20% initial deposit. The remaining 80% would be paid by the customer before they check in at your location.

  3. But we also let you design your own custom payment collection policy.

  1. We realize that every single retreat will have its own complex cancellation policy.

  2. So to avoid confusion, we suggest that a standardized retreat cancellation policy is adopted. This will keep things simple for both the parties.

  3. We understand that one can't fit everything and everyone into the policy, but we have tried to keep it simple. We strongly recommend to you that you adopt one of the standard cancellation policies.

  4. Our standard cancellation policy is as follows:

Hard Policy:
  1. No Refund


Soft Policy:
  1. 100% refund for cancellation 30+ days before event.

  2. 50% refund for cancellation 7+ days before event.

  3. No refund for cancellation 0-7 days before event.

But you can design your own cancellation policy also which is termed as custom cancellation policy.