About Us

What is Healthyatri?

“Healthyatri” is a platform dedicated to promote benefits of yoga and other ancient wellness traditions across India. This platform helps people in searching and booking Retreat Packages, Workshops, Teacher Training Courses (TTC) and Classes for Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, Spa, Naturopathy other similar practices. We help you compare various packages and offerings and go for the one that perfectly matches your needs. 


Spreading benefits of yoga, meditation and wellness all over!!


Providing wellness through a comprehensive platform that gives reliable, extensive and quality wellness services to its customers


Believing strongly in Customer Orientation, Integrity and Dynamism

What gave birth to Healthyatri?

An evening sitting with friends and lamenting about various stress points and problems of life, we discovered that performing ‘Yoga’ helped us all maintain a healthy lifestyle and reduce our levels of stress. This is how the conversation around Healthyatri started. It stemmed from the fact that if yoga can benefit us, then it can benefit everyone. If everyone can get benefit then it should be taken to the world.

Meet the people

Virender Arora is an IIT Delhi and MBA graduate from IIFT, Delhi. With a 20 Years’ experience of working in various MNCs and Large Indian Conglomerates at senior positions such as CEO, Sr. Director, Country Head, he is now taken up the challenge of promoting and bringing the benefits of Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda towards people.

So start clicking and come on board towards journey of health and happiness!!